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Dye Technique

Arashi shibori is created by pleating on the fabric and then applying the dye. The top edges take the color while the valleys under the string stay the original color.

Discharge Technique

Arashi shibori can be used to discharge (remove color) from the fabric. The pleats were removed and the flat fabric was assembled into a wall hanging.

Triple Dyeing

Using three different dyes, fabric is dyed three times with different folds to create the surface designs.

Gradation Dyeing

Moving from one color to another in small degrees allows for shading fabric that can be used in many types of projects.

Textile Ink

Creating scenes with textile ink that can be heat set onto fabric gives very interesting surface designs.

Random Dyeing

Random spontaneous application of the dyes on the fabric create beautiful designs that can be used in many items.

Our Approach

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Our Methods

Dye formulas have been tested and perfected to give beautiful results so you can easily get the same results.

Methods are easy to duplicate so you can quickly achieve your colors.

Instruction is readily available at http://colorbydesign.net

Our Dyeing Instructor

Marjorie J McDonald

Dye Instructor

I have enjoyed dyeing fabric and yarns for many years and love to teach others.

About This Member Area

Dyeing fabric and yarn can be one of the most satisfying experiences you will ever have. If you have searched for a specific color to complete a project, you will know what kind of time that can take and how frustrating it can be to not locate what you need to complete that project.

With just a small amount of time and information, you can create the color you want on the exact type of fabric you want to use for the project you are working on. It is very exhilarating to have that color come out of the dye bath and even more satisfying to use it in your project.

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